Carpool to University

Bumalift to University is a must-have mobile app for clever students who want to make the best out of their commute time.

KSU members earn rewards and can enjoy the best parking spots at University.

Casual users still earn points to earn rewards and travel for free.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today!!




KSU parking permit holder


 Students with a KSU parking permit can sign up to Bumalift for exclusive access to Car Park 4 , next to quadrangle.


To register as a KSU permit holder with Bumalift :


  • Make sure you have an account  registered with KSU
  • Collect your parking permit from KSU

  • Register a new account with Bumalift using the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS as the one used to register at KSU by clicking the button below


After you have succesfully signed up, you can download the app from the Play Store or App Store and start creating routes.




Casual User


Casual Drivers

Bumalift Casual Drivers get all the same benefits of KSU Drivers, including earning points for rewards.

The only difference is that Casual Drivers are not authorized to park in Car Park 4


Casual Passengers

Passengers can sign up as casual users and will be able to use Bumalift to commute from home to University or from University to home for FREE.


Check the app frequently for any routes that our drivers create which might be good for you.

Using Bumalift, you will also be contributing to a greener environment and help your driver earn points for rewards, so go ahead and carpool :)




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