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You are only one step away from connecting with other parents from your school who, like you, believe that carpooling makes life easier for parents, kids and all drivers on the road!

Once logged in with your Facebook account, you will be able to input the token which has been provided by your school and find other parents in your area who organise carpooling initiatives.

No forced schedule, no dodgy encounters. We only connect parents with kids in the very same school to ensure there is no waste of time.




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Now let the world know that you are a carpooling champion to allow us to create the biggest and best network possible. 



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Thank you for registering! Unfortunately your school is not yet connected to the Bumalift network.

But thanks to your request, we will soon contact your school's administration.

From your end, feel free to also communicate with your school to let them know about us so the process can be accelerated.

We also encourage you to share Bumalift on Facebook to increase awareness and make us prioritize your school.

Thank you once again,

The Bumalift Team