Why does Transport Malta support us?

The Maltese authorities understood a while ago how the issues related to transport affect the everyday's lives of Maltese citizens. Many initiatives have been undertaken in order to encourage a more fluid and eco-friendly traffic on the island. Indeed Transport Malta decided to focus on 3 key areas:

- Find long-term solutions to the daily traffic congestion
- Invest further in Maltese roads
- Create incentives for cleaner transport solutions

To improve traffic management, Transport Malta reached out to Bumalift to cut down the number of cars on the road through a clever application leading to hassle-free carpooling. 

All parents know how tricky and time-consuming the task of taking their children to school has become. It is also often one of the main triggers to massive road traffic issues. 

Thanks to the Bumalift app, parents from the same school are now able to contact each other and organize their own carpooling initiative in just a few minutes. 

The app is already available for parents of students that attend St. Martin’s College but we will not stop there. Many parents already showed interest in adding their schools to the Bumalift network and we are already in touch with more than 10 schools to initiate the switch.

Not only we are pushing for more schools to answer to the growing demand but the availability will then be expanded to churches, places of work, or shopping trips.