The Bumalift to school initiative launches successfully at St Michael schools

We are delighted to announce that Bumalift, the community carpooling initiative, has successfully been launched at St. Michael Foundation this week.

Tens of parents have already signed up to become premium members, able to send their own invites and multiply their carpooling options.

The St. Michael Foundation provides a great education environment thanks to values based on hard work and respect.

The school believes that parents play a critical role in education as prime educators of their children. With this in mind, Bumalift also believes that by multiplying the community carpooling initiatives to school, the links that connect parents to their children become even more intense. Indeed, carpooling is a fantastic way to multiply and share experiences within any given comunity.

Do you want your school to implement this initiative? Just leave us a message from our chatbox located at the bottom right of your screen and we'll contact your school!