The Bumalift to School initiative launches successfully at St Martin's College

St. Martin's college has always been a place where innovation is encouraged. This is not only valid for pupils but also for parents.

When we approached Nello Calleja (SMC Head of Operations), he immediately understood the value of our service and gladly introduced it to parents, who were also eager to find better ways of transportation for their children.

Most of the parents living in the same area (Sliema, St. Julian's, and Swieqi), they quickly started using our website together with the app, and we witnessed the development of multiple carpooling initiatives within this community. Not only transportation became more fun, but parents discovered that they were more involved in their children's education, thanks to sharing experiences with other parents and kids.

Today we are proud to announce that more schools are interested and we will soon launch this project together with them.

Do you want your school to implement this initiative? Just leave us a message from our chatbox located at the bottom right of your screen and we'll contact your school!