Partner with Bumalift



Bumalift is Malta #1 Carpooling app. Partnering with us can help you increase revenue, build your brand and expand your reach.

We pride ourselves in being a local brand, with strong social and ecological values that our users share with us.

At Bumalift, we are always on the look for partners who also share these values so we have developed different partnership programs which allow flexibility and peace of mind, whether it's long/mid/short term.

Bumalift partners advertise their products or services on the Bumalift mobile application. By giving our partners the ability to advertise towards micro-communities, advertisements on the Bumalift platform can be tailor-made and are highly valuable & convergent.

We are also working on building advertisements based on the user’s geo-location.

Interested in partnering with Bumalift? Leave us a message or send an email to