How it works

Bumalift is a reward-driven carpooling application allowing drivers travelling repeat commutes to share their empty car seats with passengers travelling along the same route.

Bumalift’s algorithm serves to match passengers who wish to travel to a location with drivers who are travelling along the same route.

Bumalift works within micro-communities of people living or working in the vicinity of one another, for example Gozo residents or University students. By grouping users according to these micro-communities, carpoolers are able to find someone who belongs to the same community and very likely travels on a similar route; making carpooling much more realistic.

Bumalift is available to both drivers and passengers free of charge. This further strengthens the Bumalift community as drivers and passengers are providing a service to the community out of goodwill rather than to earn a profit. In return, drivers who use Bumalift regularly are rewarded with coupons, vouchers, discounts and free gifts made available on the Bumalift app.